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Just awesome

I wish I could say I can relate to that but we Europeans don't even have a date to work with. But even a delay for the US means a delay for everywhere else and that sucks. So in that sense this sums it up perfectly. Seriously, short, sweet and hilarious.

Also left a comment for that kid on Youtube but he doesn't seem to be taking a hint right now. Kids are usually clueless/ignorant anyway.


I haven't written a review in nearly e year but I had to spare some of my time for this. Not only did you succeed on creating one of the longest and greatest flash ever made but you also succeeded in capturing the DBZ feel which is important to any DBZ parody. Seriously, I felt so pumped watching this, something I haven't felt since the DBZ series ended. The fight scenes never feel dull or repetitive and the use of humor is implemented perfectly at the right moments and never feels tacked on. The story is interesting and comparable to the DBZ sagas themselves. I share this opinion with the previous Mario Ball Z flash you have created and wish you luck on the next one.


You surpassed my expectations

I love randomness and the word random made me click this. But each sketch actually made me laugh and thats rare. For sprite flash you usually get the odd one or two mixed in with another 10 crap sketches but here each one is worth watching again. Well Done and make more please!

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I love this

Adam you are a god of flash. Please make more and dont you dare stop. A perfect ten for this flash because its impossible to rate it any higher. Now i have a new favourite over your transdermal celebrations video. Well done.

Nice one ^-^

This was actually quite good. Nice fluid animation with the sprites seemed like the game itself. Your skill with sprites can be compared to Randy Solem. My two favourite were the flagpole jokes and the hammer bros but the rest I dont like too much. The main reason for this is that ive seen it all before (and im not counting the pipe problem one as youve already explained this) but ones like mama fucker etc have been used in other flash. You have the skill for flash movie so if you just came up with more origional jokes. Keep at it.


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Well Done!! That has become in my opinion thee funniest sonic flash on newgrounds. Forget "Sonic breaks his neck" i want high-pitched vioces along with bad yet funny graphics. I mean it this was one hell of a roflmao-lol-wake up your girlfriend funny. Your going straight into my favourite authors list and if you really want to earn a great reputation then hows about a game that focuses on beating the crap out of chris. One that you wont lose, just for laughs sake.


RogerregoRRoger responds:

A game that purely focuses on beating Chris?
You mean this one:

*instantly adds to favourites*

That made me laugh, im serious that really made me laugh. Very very hard for a flash to do that as i dont remember the last time i laughed at one as though i were watching family guy. But you did something right, be it the lyrics or taking the absolute piss out of sonic. This is seriously one underrated piece of flash possibly let down by the fact that youve submitted it while the ultimate showdown is still very popular. But anyone reading this id reccomend this as its about time someone used the idea of all these fucked up eggmans looking different. Amazing choice of lyrics to fit the slim shady tune, "sonic runs fast like this, fast like this," not forgetting, "please stand up, cant stand up." As far as graphics go sonic has been briallantly drawn. Pity humour and sound dont go up to 20 cause youd get a perfect score.


Well flippin done

OMG youve created a flash thats so good that its reached the one million mark before littlefoot, not to mention that this was only uploaded on the 22nd of december. Those facts alone should mean that this flash reeks of greatness. I personally love it, especially the catchy song. Those lyrics combined with those cartoony animations create one of the finest flashes on newgrounds and gives it reason to be number one in the top 50. My dad NEVER watches things on the computer but even he had time to sit though those three amazing minutes of ultimate showdown. Ive yet to meet someone who has watched it and disagreed that its one hell of a funny song. Youve surpassed littlefoot, pat yourselves on the back.

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Bout time someone made something like this.

Its a really good tribute to newgrounds which includes the denvish sond =D Nice animation, really suits the music. Sorry if i cant write alot, took an all nighter finishing a huge piece of homework for english (english sucks btw) :P But its great to come onto newgrounds and watch cartoons like this

Oh and I gave you the 200th review for this and you've given me my 100th review. Cheers.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Don't worry about it, and thanks! I received lots of feedback on this and i owe it all to you guys!

Im going to have a seizure :P

It's good that you remember grandfather clocks birthday and not only that but you celebrate it. If only this were possible with all the clocks but you can only do your best. This flash is a really good contribute as it catches all the wierdness that the CC are famous for. My only complaint that its a bit on the short side, but thats probably for the best. Things this wierd would get annoying for most if they were long. But good luck with your next flash. I would like to see rupeeclock again ;)

RupeeClock responds:

When things are intentionally that fast, they gotta be short, that's the way it is. :)

Btw, thanks for 50th review on this thing, lol.

If at first you don't succeed try try again. And if you still can't succeed after all those tries you've just wasted alot of time trying to do something you couldn't do in the first place. That means you n00bs.

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