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Sonic riders in 3 minutes Sonic riders in 3 minutes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well Done!! That has become in my opinion thee funniest sonic flash on newgrounds. Forget "Sonic breaks his neck" i want high-pitched vioces along with bad yet funny graphics. I mean it this was one hell of a roflmao-lol-wake up your girlfriend funny. Your going straight into my favourite authors list and if you really want to earn a great reputation then hows about a game that focuses on beating the crap out of chris. One that you wont lose, just for laughs sake.


RogerregoRRoger responds:

A game that purely focuses on beating Chris?
You mean this one:

Going Down to Newgrounds Going Down to Newgrounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bout time someone made something like this.

Its a really good tribute to newgrounds which includes the denvish sond =D Nice animation, really suits the music. Sorry if i cant write alot, took an all nighter finishing a huge piece of homework for english (english sucks btw) :P But its great to come onto newgrounds and watch cartoons like this

Oh and I gave you the 200th review for this and you've given me my 100th review. Cheers.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Don't worry about it, and thanks! I received lots of feedback on this and i owe it all to you guys!

GrandfatherClock's Bday GrandfatherClock's Bday

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Im going to have a seizure :P

It's good that you remember grandfather clocks birthday and not only that but you celebrate it. If only this were possible with all the clocks but you can only do your best. This flash is a really good contribute as it catches all the wierdness that the CC are famous for. My only complaint that its a bit on the short side, but thats probably for the best. Things this wierd would get annoying for most if they were long. But good luck with your next flash. I would like to see rupeeclock again ;)

RupeeClock responds:

When things are intentionally that fast, they gotta be short, that's the way it is. :)

Btw, thanks for 50th review on this thing, lol.

DeathClock Intro DeathClock Intro

Rated 4 / 5 stars

w00t deathclock

You know there are a lot of clock haters out there but its these kind of clock flash that give the CC the reputation that it has. I love them when they are short and sweet without dragging the joke out. I have a huge sythe, im going to kill someone. Stopping it there was a great move. The only gripe i had is that you appear to have used a higher framerate than normal and the bloodstains on the ground looked a little iffy. But other than that i would like to say a big welcome to deathclock on NG and hopefully we can see him kill some more.


ForkClock responds:

Thank you for the kind review! And i will agree that you and i have a similar taste in animations. I dont really care to make them very long. For one, it will take me MUCH longer to get it out, and two, most people dont have the attention span to watch the entire thing unless its action packed, or really funny the entire way through.

-=Alien Hominid Tribute=- -=Alien Hominid Tribute=-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Turd of the week isnt bad

because it may be insulting but you get more views that way. This has some funny content if you manage to hear it. Please consider investing on a microphone because anything is better than a computer voice except where the clock is concerned, thats their style and i respect that.

But lines such as, "Please buy four copies and lose three of them to tempt you friends into buying four of their own," made me fall back on my chair laughing.

Starberry responds:

if you've ever been in a ventrilo server with kids from california yelling at you because you teamkilled them in battlefield 2, well wait a second......

microsoft sam is like the burger king.

Pico's Unloaded Pico's Unloaded

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is one of the best flash i've ever seen

This is an amazing piece of flash and I've seen it millions of times. The animation is so fluid and flawless that you're almost on par with adam philips. The backgrounds are unique and are clearly your style. This needs to be in the top 50 so i vote everyday to get it there. Its moved rom 55 to 53 in the past week but im working on it ;)

MindChamber responds:

thanks for the love man! theres no way Im on par with Phillips, that dudes a Disney animator!! he makes all of amatures look like spit! haha seriously
its great to read reviews like this.
you pick me up!!

Sonic: Uncut Sonic: Uncut

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the humour..

but the pace is too slow. It was the style of humour i liked, the sonic behind the camera style. I like to imagine this being them when they arent in games, but thats the point. But your progression is soooooo unbelievably slow. When your showing this to people around you its like, no dont leave theres a funny bit coming up. This got so bad that i started to get embarrased to actually show it to people. Id be embarrased to recommend it just beacause i like it. the responses ive been getting back from other people are negative. My second issue is that the voice acting is really, really bad. I mean thats not even tails voice and it took you until the third one to get it right. Shadows may sound like himself a bit but its very hard to hear him at times. Especially the third one. Its like, wait till you hear what shadow says its funny. And my mates are like, but i cant hear him. Please try and fix this. But the humour is really good, dont u wish you had a milkshake, i even decided to put sprinkles in it. That comedy is inspired. im sort of basing this review on all three of your sonic uncut movies because my likes and dislikes are similar for the other two. Issues aside ive added these to my favourites because it is so goddamn funny. I lok foward to sonic uncut 4

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HyperactiveYouth responds:

To tell you the truth...I was really reluctant to show this to my girlfriend when she asked to see it a while ago...

But really, it's more than two years old. :/

Starfleet Uniform Pockets Starfleet Uniform Pockets

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

that was good

I like the wavy style animation and for this flash i dont think there was any other kind to use. The only problem is that the sound was a bit bad as it was hard to hear at times

zebragrrl responds:

Thanks for your comment. As to the sound, Yeah.. I know. I really didn't have any sound editing ability when I made this, had to use the default "windows sound recorder". Next time.. if I ever come up with something worth cartooning... I'll do a better job on the audio.

2 person chatroom collab 2 person chatroom collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars

why do people hate this?

This was funny and im surprised you didnt submit this earlier. You are funny, even in your comments for faggots that dont like it. "please throw your computer out the window." Isnt it satisfying that they cant respond to your response? Keep it up ;)

nomorenog responds:

Yes. Lol.

LL - Screen Episode 1 LL - Screen Episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

that was good

Yes I can see the effort that you have put into this flash. Nice fluid animation and tweening. Thank god it wasnt a comedy, I'm getting sick of these funny LL flashes that usually turn out to be crap. This shows the world that LL is much more complicated than that.
The LL should be proud to have you as a member ;)

LAVAGASM responds:

Haha you made me blush. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. We deffinately need some people in the LL with differant styles, because quite frankly I'm gettin tired of the same stuff as well. Thanks for the wonderful review.