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Sonic: Uncut Sonic: Uncut

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the humour..

but the pace is too slow. It was the style of humour i liked, the sonic behind the camera style. I like to imagine this being them when they arent in games, but thats the point. But your progression is soooooo unbelievably slow. When your showing this to people around you its like, no dont leave theres a funny bit coming up. This got so bad that i started to get embarrased to actually show it to people. Id be embarrased to recommend it just beacause i like it. the responses ive been getting back from other people are negative. My second issue is that the voice acting is really, really bad. I mean thats not even tails voice and it took you until the third one to get it right. Shadows may sound like himself a bit but its very hard to hear him at times. Especially the third one. Its like, wait till you hear what shadow says its funny. And my mates are like, but i cant hear him. Please try and fix this. But the humour is really good, dont u wish you had a milkshake, i even decided to put sprinkles in it. That comedy is inspired. im sort of basing this review on all three of your sonic uncut movies because my likes and dislikes are similar for the other two. Issues aside ive added these to my favourites because it is so goddamn funny. I lok foward to sonic uncut 4

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HyperactiveYouth responds:

To tell you the truth...I was really reluctant to show this to my girlfriend when she asked to see it a while ago...

But really, it's more than two years old. :/

Pico 2 Gameplay Demo Pico 2 Gameplay Demo

Rated 1 / 5 stars

im sorry tom

im a huge fan, i even bought alien hominid unlike my friend. But that was bad. You are one kick ass progrmmer and we all respect you but you cant animate for shit

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Starfleet Uniform Pockets Starfleet Uniform Pockets

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

that was good

I like the wavy style animation and for this flash i dont think there was any other kind to use. The only problem is that the sound was a bit bad as it was hard to hear at times

zebragrrl responds:

Thanks for your comment. As to the sound, Yeah.. I know. I really didn't have any sound editing ability when I made this, had to use the default "windows sound recorder". Next time.. if I ever come up with something worth cartooning... I'll do a better job on the audio.

2 person chatroom collab 2 person chatroom collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars

why do people hate this?

This was funny and im surprised you didnt submit this earlier. You are funny, even in your comments for faggots that dont like it. "please throw your computer out the window." Isnt it satisfying that they cant respond to your response? Keep it up ;)

nomorenog responds:

Yes. Lol.

LL - Screen Episode 1 LL - Screen Episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

that was good

Yes I can see the effort that you have put into this flash. Nice fluid animation and tweening. Thank god it wasnt a comedy, I'm getting sick of these funny LL flashes that usually turn out to be crap. This shows the world that LL is much more complicated than that.
The LL should be proud to have you as a member ;)

LAVAGASM responds:

Haha you made me blush. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. We deffinately need some people in the LL with differant styles, because quite frankly I'm gettin tired of the same stuff as well. Thanks for the wonderful review.

Sonic: 9-1-1 Sonic: 9-1-1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

your really quick

I mean holy shit, you said in one of your responses that you would be doing one on the 9-1-1 prank. I was like, alright ill keep an eye on it, but I never expected it to be released so early. It was good but not as good as the last because his advice was funnier. Also in the shaking booty bit i swear that those ass sprites look like boob sprites. did u cut them from mona from warioware or perhaps some other female character.

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Lilmario responds:

haha no its ass, and yeah I'm quite speedy with sprites =D

Super Mario: RotBO-part 1 Super Mario: RotBO-part 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i like ur style

This was a good flash with some good action scenes, you finally put your explosions to use. The only thing is you dont like it when people read. Three or four times you threw upthe newspaper and you didnt give us time to read it. You couldnt even pause the movie so ill just have to printscreen it. Also your credits were on steroids. Otherswise great flash.

JonBro responds:

I'm going to review your review:

Humor: 10

And yes, it was an overall fast moving movie. My credits "were on steroids"! Yeah, and the newspaper was just plain silly anyway. There's a drop-down movie control slide at the top of the screen so you can pause the movie.

Sonic: That's NO good! Sonic: That's NO good!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hang on a sec

I watched that sonic show as a kid because back when your a kid your kind of stupid. But did sonic actaully say that? I know he gave advice of bringing up child abuse on a kids show, is confusing. Who cares it was funny, its not as if saying no and running away will work especially if your in the situation that someone is going to do that. Im glad you noticed and decided to make fun of this beacuse if I had caught it i probably would have done the same thing. Vote 5 on this =D

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Lilmario responds:

Yup, he said that at the end of one of the shows. He also said one about dialling 9-1-1 as a prank, which was WRONG! It's also funny, and will be my next flash =P

Alien Hominid vs. Pico Alien Hominid vs. Pico

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

i didnt really like this

The idea of pico vs alien hominid is amazing but boy did you fuck it up. Pico had a gun and fired ONE shot. Thats not good enough. And whats with alien hominid in the ship and truck. He was NEVER about the vehicles. I was expecting Pico and AH head to head with picos gun an AH's blaster. That would've been far better. And maybe pulling a few onground moves. And AH jumping on Pico's shoulders and stuff. Maybe someday somebody will actually make a decent one.

The world of Timo_rules The world of Timo_rules

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It was okay i suppose, nice style of graphics, good syncing. Maybe if i listened to the band id like it more than I do.

Casualty responds:

Thank you.